Everyone benefits from a project that uses ProperGate

Our customers benefit

The benefits of ProperGate go all the way down the supply chain, benefitting everyone - investors, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

For Real Estate developers
For General contractors
For Subcontractors
For Suppliers

Real Estate developers & Investors

We work directly with investors and real estate developers to help them

Projects are more likely to finish on time and to budget, and with greater predictability.

A smaller investment is required to build, making more projects viable.

And because subcontractors aren't in a final-phase rush, the quality is higher, leading to happier residents.

Sustainability is improved, leading to improved reputation, and making it much easier to acquire those all-important LEED and BREEAM certificates.

And new, high-quality data flows out, which can be integrated with BIM and business intelligence, helping investors stay nimble and make better decisions.


ProperGate helps facilitate social distancing, reducing the risk of a hotspot and the associated human cost and reputational damage.

General Contractors

We help general contractors bring order to their sites, making projects less stressful and more controlled.

Projects are more likely to finish on time and to budget, and with greater predictability, increasing profits and reducing the risk of penalties from investors and enhancing the company's status.

Greater control over projects, reducing on-site chaos and stress, and enabling the use of lean construction and just-in-time deliveries.

Subcontractors aren't in a final-phase rush meaning higher build quality.

Better communication with subcontractors and suppliers, resulting in improved relationships.

Improved sustainability, reducing the risk of accidents, enhancing the company's reputation and making it easier to conform to municipal waste requirements.

Brand-new, high-quality data means problems can be spotted in real time and resolved quickly, and more effective tactical and strategic decisions can be made.


ProperGate helps facilitate social distancing and removes single points of failure, keeping workers safe and reducing project risk.


We help subcontractors by reducing their reliance on links in the chain, enabling them to do the job, do it well, and move on to the next job.

Work is more likely to finish on time and to budget.

Greater predictability means staff and equipment can be optimised.

Better communication with suppliers, meaning better relationships.

Reduced pressure at project's end leads to higher quality, meaning a greater chance of job acceptance and an enhanced reputation.

Improved materials handling protocols means fewer damaged or lost items, fewer project delays and safer conditions for workers


ProperGate helps facilitate social distancing keeping workers safe and reducing project risk.


We give suppliers all the information they need to manage their deliveries more efficiently.

Fewer, shorter journeys of greater predictability, facilitated with site maps, means usage of vehicles, drivers and fuel can be optimised, saving time and money.

Communication with subcontractors is simplified and more organised, leading to fewer misunderstandings and better relationships.

The ability to give precise unloading information to the crew mean less waste and spoilage and fewer disagreements.

Better handling protocols leads to improved quality of installed materials.

Optimisation of delivery reduces CO2, and reduction in wastage from damaged materials.


Contactless deliveries including QR codes and electronic manifests mean drivers can practise social distancing.

And they aren't the only winners

Construction safety officers

ProperGate helps keep construction sites safe for everybody.

Time-slot booking of resources reduces time pressures and prevents workers using faulty equipment.

Easy access to supplier unloading instructions reduces accidents due to guesswork and misinformation.

Enhanced storage logistics reduces t.rip hazards and other materials storage accidents.

Greater transparency means accurate, real-time information about planned deliveries is always available.

A reduction in the on-street queuing of delivery vehicles means fewer potential off-site incidents.

Greater predictability of on-site traffic means fewer accidents from stressed drivers.


Contactless communications enables workers to practice social distancing.

Construction graduates and construction logistics professionals

We create new opportunities and career paths for forward-thinking professionals.

Creates job opportunities in the role of logistics coordinator.

Enables professionals to do their jobs better, and with more control meaning less stress and greater job satisfaction.

Enables modern working methods such as just-in-time deliveries and lean construction.

Coming soon: ProperGate's academy trains professionals in construction logistics, and connects them with employers.


Digitalised logistics means you can do your job while maintaining a safe distance from others.

Municipal officials

ProperGate helps create a better environment for everyone.

Fewer traffic issues, including a reduction in journeys and on-street queuing and unloading.

Reduced CO2 emissions (and other pollutants), with full tracking and reporting. Plus enhanced waste management, including recycling and reuse, with detailed waste reporting enabling companies to comply with local regulations.

Higher quality buildings due to reduced end-of-project time pressures.


ProperGate helps construction companies to work safely, protecting society as a whole.

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In fact, everyone in the construction ecosystem benefits