Smart materials delivery for complex construction sites

We help construction companies like yours digitalise their onsite logistics

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Increase efficiency

Drive up profits, and finish more projects on time and to budget.

Reduce wastage

Reduce loss and damage to materials and enhance your reputation for sustainable construction.

Improve safety

Safeguard the health and well-being of the people working on your site.

It’s time to bring order to your site and take control of your projects

You’re a master at getting things built.

But decades-old logistics tools are holding you back.

ProperGate digitalises onsite logistics, making everything easier.

Giving you total control over your project.

We care about construction site deliveries – and the people who rely on them

We know the pride and thrill of a gleaming new building.

We also know the frustration of trying to complete a project on time and to budget.

We’re here to help.

What is ProperGate?

ProperGate is a smart delivery management system providing real-time information and control of materials on complex construction sites.

Track deliveries all the way down the supply chain

From supplier to subcontractor, you always know where your materials are, making routine wastage a thing of the past and reducing on-site accidents.

Optimise and control your on-site arrivals

Delivery vehicles arrive in fixed time slots to pre-assigned bays where unloading equipment is ready and waiting for them.

Take control with real-time data

Intelligent reporting gives you the power to make decisions based on how things are right now. No more manual concrete pouring reports or monthly check of 10.000 delivery notes with invoices, it is all available online with no effort.

Deliveries made easy

We take care of all your different deliveries and their many specialist unloading requirements


Concrete deliveries are precision scheduled and the condition of the material monitored, reducing spoilage and ensuring the longest possible window for installation.

Waste removal

Waste is controlled, monitored and segregated, and container levels digitally monitored, meaning a big win for sustainability.


All formwork is tracked from arrival through to departure, and its condition monitored, minimising loss and damage.


Elements arrive in sequence, their on-site storage is tracked, and their installation is scheduled and monitored.


Facade elements arrive in sequence, their assembly is monitored and their movement tracked.


Materials arrive just-in-time, and are tagged and tracked directly to their specific building-in destinations.


Scaffolding is tracked from receipt, to storage, to usage, to return, so it’s always clear what’s on site and where.


Equipment and operators are guaranteed available when needed, and their service condition monitored.


Deliveries arrive in exactly the right sequence for complex installations, reducing or eliminating the need for storage.

... and literally anything else that enters or leaves your site


Everyone benefits from sustainable construction – municipal organisations can fulfil their duty to their citizens, investors get their projects certified, and general contractors gain an enhanced reputation.

Reduced pollution

When you optimise your logistics, fewer journeys are needed, resulting in less CO2 – and the CO2 that is produced is monitored and measured, allowing for goal setting and continuous improvement.

Enhanced waste management

ProperGate enables the segregation of waste, the automation of its removal, and the appropriate repurposing of damaged materials, driving down costs and driving up recycling/reuse.

Improved impact on society

Traffic issues and noise pollution are both reduced, improving everyday conditions for the local community. And improved handling and storage means workers are better protected, too.

With ProperGate sustainable construction comes as standard.

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Built for construction

Highly visible in all conditions

Whether it's sunny or dark, there's a screen mode to suit

Multi-language support

Modern construction sites employ people from all over the world. Language isn't an issue with ProperGate.

Works on any device – mobile, tablet, or laptop

ProperGate adjusts automatically to suit different devices. You can even project live project dashboards onto wall-mounted screens.

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Subcontractor onboarding

We have a proven and highly reliable process for ensuring full adoption from subcontractors.

Key suppliers engaged

We already have key suppliers engaged and using the software, providing yet greater levels of control.

100% compliance

We have a perfect track record of ensuring ProperGate is used as intended, ensuring its success on your project.

How to work with us

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Data integration

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Why choose us?

The verdict is in – customers like and trust is, and believe we’re providing an exciting and valuable new service.

Award-winning software

Internationally renowned software that has won awards from government institutions, innovation groups, and technical bodies

Great potential

Acclaimed as one of the top 25 most promising ConTech startups by Cemex Ventures, Boston Consulting Group, BuiltWorld, and PwC

The choice of market leaders

Listed as a recommended technology provider by 3 of the top 10 general contractors in Europe

Sustainability & safety

Supports the reduction of CO2 emissions and wastage while improving on-site safety

We see huge potential in solutions such as ProperGate and want to use them to improve our construction processes.

Bruno Lambrecht

CFE Poland, General Manager

We need non-conformists like the inventors of ProperGate to challenge the status quo. That is why I am a proud ambassador of ProperGate.

Jan Van Steirteghem

BESIX Group, General Manager BU Europe

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