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1. Book a demo

If you’re a General Contractor or a Real Estate Developer, here is the single most valuable thing you can do for your business.
Click on ‘Book a demo’.

We get back to you and, after a brief exchange to check we’re a good match, we set about arranging that demonstration.

What you get:
A firm date and location for your demonstration

2. Demonstration

We give you a presentation that explains in detail all of the failings of the current, manual system, and how ProperGate works to solve these problems.

We also give you a live demonstration of the product so you get a tangible sense of how it works, followed by a Q&A session so you can get all the answers you need.

What you get:
An enhanced understanding of how ProperGate will improve the delivery logistics on your next construction project – and what this means for your bottom line.

3. Agree terms

ProperGate is not one-size-fits-all but rather is tailored to fit your specific needs. So together we discuss your organisation and the complex construction project you have in mind.

From this we will propose to you the implementation of ProperGate that is the best fit for your organisation, including exactly which modules you need to deliver maximum value.

We then negotiate a deal that suits both parties and gives you an impressive return on investment.

What you get:
A tailor-made solution, and a contract that makes good business sense.

4. Training

ProperGate is a simple and intuitive system, but training is still required to maximise the benefits it delivers.

We send you a full timetable for this training, covering every role.

Following that we offer comprehensive support via telephone and email — and can even provide a dedicated customer support specialist if necessary.

What you get:
Your team, fully-trained and ready to deal with every construction site eventuality from day one.

5. Implementation

We configure the software environment in conjunction with you and your team, so that the system is accurately models your construction site.

In order for the system to work as planned, all the project’s first-level subcontractors need to be on board.

But don’t worry, because we make this bit easy for you, too. We have a proven system for onboarding subcontractors – and a 100% success rate to back it up.

Suppliers don’t need to be on board, helping to keep things simple.

What you get:
an entire ecosystem of people and software that are ready to control and monitor deliveries from the word ‚go’

6. Data integration

ProperGate’s digitalisation of construction delivery gives you access to information that’s never before been available, from metrics that weren’t previously collected.

ProperGate’s sophisticated reporting tools allow real-time decision making on site at an operational level.

This means you can make rapid, accurate decisions that reduce risks and delays, increase your chance of meeting project deadlines, and ultimately save you money.

existing Business Intelligence platform. Here it can be consolidated with your existing data, supporting tactical- and strategic-level decision making, giving you the jump over your competitors.

What you get:
Support for enhanced business-making decisions that increase your effectiveness at every level.

Let’s get building

With ProperGate in place, you’ll start seeing the benefits of digitalisation right across your project, from the very first day.


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