ProperGate brings order to the chaos of your complex construction projects

What is ProperGate?

ProperGate is a smart delivery management system providing real-time control of materials to complex construction sites.

Book & schedule delivery

A subcontractor working onsite orders the materials they need to do their work from a supplier.

The logistics coordinator is notified of the order via ProperGate. They book a time slot and an unloading bay, and assign appropriate workers and equipment to the task of unloading the materials.


Orders for required materials sent

Logistics coordinator

Delivery will arrive tomorrow at 11:30
Materials delivery
Transport check-in
Laying down
Quantity / quality check
Book & plan site handling
Internal & vertical transport

The many benefits of ProperGate

ProperGate is packed with features that benefit you and your company.

Waste management

Waste is segregated, tracked, and managed, saving time and money, reducing redeliveries and maximising reuse/recycling.

Traffic optimisation

Full scheduling of arrivals and unloading resources means that traffic queues and snarl-ups are a thing of the past.

Effective scheduling

By creating a trusted time-slot system for deliveries and unloading, subcontractors can be sure to get their materials when they need them.

Better communication

All delivery information goes through the app. So everyone knows what they need to, when they need to.

Smart entry permits

Vehicles are checked in electronically, giving you full control over what enters and leaves your site, and providing a rich stream of data.

Real-time reporting

Everything is digitalised, meaning detailed information about your project is always up to date and never more than a click away.

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