Helping the construction industry build a greener future

Our smart delivery software helps construction companies build in a way that’s cleaner, respects society and makes green projects financially viable.

Environmentally friendly

Fewer deliveries, lower emissions, and properly managed waste.

Economically viable

More projects finishing on time and to budget, and more easily achieved certification.

Socially aware

Safer workers, happier citizens, and a better environment for people to inhabit.

ProperGate helps deliver projects that are environmentally friendly

Reduced pollution & C02 emissions

ProperGate optimises on-site logistics, resulting in fewer journeys of shorter duration. This means reducations in all manner of harmful pollutants, including CO2.

And the CO2 that is produced is monitored and reported on, allowing for goal-setting and continuous, measurable improvements.

Enhanced waste management

Sites using ProperGate generate less waste, and the waste they do generate is better handled.

  • Less waste produced
  • Full segregation
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Automated removal
  • Appropriate reuse of damaged materials
  • Easy statutory compliance

Better waste management drives down costs, drives up recycling/reuse, and improves the reputations of all those involved.

Economically viable

Projects are more profitable

For construction to be sustainable, it has to make sense economically.

The gains in productivity from using ProperGate can turn failing projects into successful ones – and make unviable projects viable.

The financial gains benefit everyone in the supply chain – from investors and general contractors to subcontractors and suppliers.


ProperGate facilitates social distancing, so work can continue despite the pandemic.

Ease of getting certification

Having the right green building certification can make a big difference to real estate investors.

We give construction companies the tools they need to achieve the standards required by LEED and BREEAM certification – and the monitoring and reporting capabilities to prove it.

And socially responsible

Better for citizens

No one wants their lives disrupted by a badly managed construction site. ProperGate fixes that.

Fewer journeys of shorter duration meatranslates to:

  • Less traffic, noise, and on-street queuing
  • Lower stress levels and an improved standard of living

If you have to live near a construction site, you’re better off if it uses ProperGate.

Safer for workers

Construction companies have a duty of care to their workers. And ProperGate makes it easier for them to meet that responsibility.

  • Reduced time pressure due to proper allocation of resources, leading to fewer accidents
  • Specific laying down instructions instead of guesswork
  • The right equipment booked in advance
  • Faulty equipment 'unbookable'
  • Materials properly stored

ProperGate makes remote communication the norm, helping keep workers safe.

Let's build a cleaner construction industry together

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It's packed with sustainability features

Vehicle time-slot management
Automated waste management
Laying-down instructions
Real-time reporting
Socially distanced communication
Goal setting
CO2 emissions monitoring
Resource usage optimisation
Materials tracking
... and much more

With ProperGate, sustainability comes as standard

And it works for everyone


Projects require a lower initial investment, and are more likely to finish on time and to budget. Certification is easier to acquire and finished buildings are of higher quality.

General contractors

Projects are managed more effectively at every level, resulting in a greater chance of them turning a profit and finishing on time.


Work is less likely to be delayed by third parties, meaning time pressures are reduced, resources can be optimised, and companies can finish the job and move onto other contracts.


Delivery journeys are fewer in number, shorter, and more predictable, leading to lower fuel bills and a more efficient use of people and equipment.


Cities can better fulfil their obligations to their citizens, with fewer traffic issues, cleaner air, and less disruption in general.


Construction workers benefit from reduced stress, clearer work instructions, safer working conditions, and a greater chance of finishing the day on time.


Living conditions are better all round, thanks to improved air quality, reduced disruption, and higher quality buildings.

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